Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing

  • Overview

    As a marketing major at WPU, you will gain a strong foundation in what it takes to create, manage and enhance brands to maximize their value to consumers.

    Both creative and analytical types can find a home in a marketing career, which encompasses the entire range of activities that match goods, services and intangibles with consumer needs and desires — both in digital marketing and traditional print, TV and radio marketing. WPU’s Marketing program provides a solid foundation for marketing students, covering a range of disciplines such as advertising, public relations, media planning, sales strategy and sales management, brand management, retailing, search engine optimization and more. Communication and computer skills are emphasized, as is problem-solving and decision making, and working collaboratively is an important aspect of the program. Professionals themselves, WPU faculty are active in their fields and well-connected, so opportunities abound to apply your knowledge through projects and internships. Given the breadth of the field and its many applications across nonprofit, for-profit and public sectors, Marketing degree majors enjoy a wide range of career possibilities.

    The U.S. Office of Business and Labor Statistics (BLS) reports the following median salaries for jobs in this field:

    • Sales Manager: $114K
    • Market Research Analyst: $62K
    • Advertising Manager: $96K
    • Marketing Manager: $128K
    • Junior Product Manager: $65K


    Study Marketing at WPU
    Marketing majors learn how to take data and craft messages in a fun, creative, and digestible manner through a variety of mediums
  • Courses

    The coursework listed below is for the Academic Catalog and is subject to change. Please reference the Academic Catalog for further information and course descriptions. If you are a current student, please reference the catalog in which you come under.

    Bachelor of Science in Marketing

    Liberal Education Curriculum49-50 credit hours
    Marketing Core Courses39 credit hours
    Marketing Elective Courses18 credit hours
    General Electives13-14 credit hours
    Total credit hours for the B.S. Marketing120 credit hours


    Marketing Core Courses39 credit hours
    BAN 320: Decision Science I3
    BSA 160: Global Business Environment3
    BSA 211: Principles of Microeconomics3
    BSA 212: Principles of Macroeconomics3
    BSA 221: Financial Accounting3
    BSA 222: Managerial Accounting3
    BSA 240: Management and Organizational Behavior3
    BSA 250: Human Resources Management3
    BSA 270: Business Law3
    BSA 325: Corporate Finance3
    BSA 499: Business Policy3
    MAT 202: Finite Math or MAT 241: Calculus with Analytical Geometry I3
    MKT 230: Marketing3
    Marketing Elective Courses (choose 6) 18 credit hours
    COM 270: Digital Media Convergence3
    COM 311: Interactive and Social Media3
    MKT 331: Advertising3
    MKT 332: Consumer Behavior3
    MKT 333: Nonprofit Marketing3
    MKT 336: Marketing Research3
    MKT 361: Global Marketing3
    MKT 426: Sales and Marketing Management3


    General Electives13- 14 credit hours
    Must complete 13-14 elective credit hours13-14



    Minor in Marketing18 Credit Hours
    MKT 230: Marketing3
    Marketing Electives (choose five courses)
    COM 270: Digital Media Convergence3
    COM 311: Interactive and Social Media3
    MKT 331: Advertising3
    MKT 332: Consumer Behavior3
    MKT 333: Nonprofit Marketing3
    MKT 336: Marketing Research3
    MKT 361: Global Marketing3
    MKT 426: Sales and Marketing Management3
  • Faculty
    Heidi Gailor Loflin, WPU professor.
    ​Associate Professor of Business Administration
    Betty Witcher, WPU professor.
    Department Chair of Psychology and Business; Professor of Psychology
  • Careers

    Marketers enjoy a lot of flexibility in their careers. Almost every business, from national healthcare companies to the local dry cleaner, needs people with marketing skills and marketing strategy insight. WPU marketing graduates are prepared to enter the workforce immediately, having already gained real-world experience through internships and other opportunities that are a regular part of WPU’s Marketing degree program. They are also prepared to go on to earn a master’s degree.

    Marketing graduates can choose to work for a marketing agency and serve a wide variety of clients or in a specific company’s marketing department, where marketing decisions and implementation will serve a single business or business conglomerate. Marketers can also find success working for themselves in a freelance capacity. The average salary for a freelance digital marketer in the United States is $68,970.

    Marketing majors, like Business Administration and other business-related majors, learn solid sales and marketing principles to help businesses, organizations, nonprofits, government institutions, even professional sports teams more effectively sell their products and services and expand market share.

    The outlook for marketing jobs in the United States is very positive. According to BLS data, marketers, promoters and advertisers can expect 6% growth through 2029, which is higher than the average for all occupations.

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