Bachelor’s Degree in Leadership & Nonprofit Administration

  • Overview

    Be in the business of doing good.

    According to a Work for Good survey of nonprofit professionals, “93% feel engaged in nonprofit work (nearly 3 times the national average) and 88% plan to work in nonprofits long term.”

    Through the BS in Leadership and Nonprofit Administration, you’ll learn the skills needed to impact your place of business and your community. Lead and manage nonprofit organizations through an internship, experiential learning and exposure to nonprofit environments and professionals in the field.
    Our blend of traditional business courses, mixed with a focus on organizational development, ethical principles, and serving your community, will help you develop the knowledge and skills needed to enhance your leadership potential in the nonprofit or civic arenas.

    As part of this unique program and to support your individual leadership-development, WPU partners with Leadership Triangle for a leadership-mentoring program. The program consists of two required meetings between mentor and student pairs.

    Within this major, you will build:

    • The managerial skills necessary to succeed in jobs in not-for-profits
    • A strong understanding of the important functions of business, including the areas of marketing, finance, economics, and business law
    • Your own perspective on leadership based on leadership theory, as well as your own leadership-development experiences
    • The skills necessary to train and facilitate groups of volunteers, coworkers, and clients
    • The aptitude to pursue social innovation through your skills in action research and business planning


    Explore Leadership & Nonprofit Administration at WPU
    Leadership & Nonprofit Administration students work together to engage and learn
  • Courses

    The courses listed below are for the Academic Catalog and are subject to change. Please reference the Academic Catalog for further information and course descriptions. If you are a current student, please reference the catalog in which you come under.

    Bachelor of Science in Leadership and Nonprofit Administration

    Liberal Education Curriculum49 credit hours
    Leadership and Nonprofit Administration Core Courses46 credit hours
    Leadership and Nonprofit Administration Spotlight Electives2 credit hours
    Leadership and Nonprofit Administration Electives3 credit hours
    General Electives20 credit hours
    Total credit hours for B.S. in Leadership and Nonprofit Administration120 credit hours


    Leadership and Nonprofit Administration Core Courses46 credit hours
    BSA 160: Global Business Environment
    BSA 211: Principles of Microeconomics
    BSA 212: Principles of Macroeconomics
    BSA 221: Financial Accounting
    BSA 222: Managerial Accounting
    MKT 230: Marketing
    BSA 240: Management and Organizational Behavior
    BSA 270: Business Law
    BAN 320: Decision Science I
    BSA 325: Corporate Finance
    PSC 340: Nonprofit Administration
    BSA 357: Leadership
    BSA 357L: Leadership Lab
    BSA 358: Leading Diverse Organizations
    BSA 359: Learning, Training, and Facilitation
    BSA 449: Leadership, Change, and Civic Innovation


    Leadership and Nonprofit Administration Spotlight Electives2 credit hours
    BSA 390-399: Leadership Spotlight courses
    LST 380: Liberal Studies Junior Seminar


    Leadership and Nonprofit Administration Electives3 credit hours
    ANT 315: Globalization, People, and Culture
    PSC 310: Lobbying and Advocacy
    HIS 390: Drum Majors for Justice: Examining and Practicing Engaged Citizenship
    PSC 311: Political Leadership
    PSC 360: Public Policy Research Methods
    MKT 333: Marketing for Nonprofits
    BSA 395: Special Topics courses with “Leadership” in the title


    General Electives20 credit hours
    Must complete 20 elective credit hours
  • Faculty
    Heidi Gailor Loflin, WPU professor.
    ​Associate Professor of Business Administration
    Carolyn Nye, WPU professor.
    Program Director of Business and Associate Professor of Business and Analytics
    Caleb Husmann, WPU Professor.
    Assistant Professor of Political Science
  • Careers

    A major in Leadership and Nonprofit Administration helps prepare you for the following jobs:

    • Development Manager
    • Events Coordinator
    • Community Outreach Coordinator
    • Program Manager
    • Fundraising Manager
    • PR Manager
    • Operations Director
    • Executive Director
    • Communications Manager
    • Program Assistant
    • Nonprofit Administrator
    • Training Associate
    • Membership Associate
    • Grant Writer
Mikayla Brown, WPU Student
"This degree gives me the opportunity to pursue my passion for giving back to the community and provides me with the business skills and life lessons about diversity and leadership that will enhance my future."
Mikayla Brown
Leadership & Nonprofit Administration '19
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