Hrvoje Lusic, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor of Chemistry
Headshot of WPU faculty member, Hrvoje Lusic

Hrvoje “Harry” Lusic was born in Ljubljana, Slovenia. He attended college in the United States, as an undergraduate, on a swimming scholarship. Hrvoje then enrolled at a Ph.D. program at North Carolina State University and completed his studies in 2009. He subsequently worked as a research fellow at Boston University and Harvard Medical School. His research interests are in the field of medicinal and bio-organic chemistry. Hrvoje joined the faculty at WPU in 2018.


  • Ph.D. Chemistry, North Carolina State University
  • MS Polymer Chemistry, Wright State University
  • BS Chemistry, Wright State University

Research & Publications


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  • Freedman, J.; Lusic, H.; Snyder, B. D.; Grinstaff, M. W. “Tantalum Oxide Nanoparticles for the Imaging of Articular Cartilage Using X-ray Computed Tomography: Visualization of ex vivo/in vivo Murine Tibia and ex vivo Human Index Finger Cartilage,” Angew. Chem. Int. Edit. 2014, 53, 8406-8410.
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