Honors Program

Do you go above and beyond what’s expected or required of you? Do you want more out of your education? 

The WPU Honors Program is one of the most exciting and prestigious programs on campus. It provides opportunities for academically talented & motivated students to study within a wide array of fields. You’ll be challenged, yet supported in an academic environment where you’ll study, conduct research and exchange ideas.

As an Honors Student, you’ll blaze your own trail. Alongside dynamic faculty, you can explore topics that promote intellectual discovery and development and most importantly – interest you!

Invitation to Participate in the Honors Program

You’ll need to have submitted your application for admissions to WPU first. Those awarded our Presidential Scholarship will be invited to apply for the Honors Program

Meet Honors student, Mackenzie Allison who shares why she chose WPU and how her internship has transpired into a dream job:  Read Story

WPU Honors students visit Washington,, DC for an immersive learning trip

Students within the WPU Honors Program visit Washington, DC

“The Honors Program is a great way to challenge yourself to
be the best person you can be, both academically and socially. It also allows you to connect with new people and learn things that will stay with you forever.”
Alisha Dhar ‘23
Communications Major | Women’s Swimming and Orientation Leader
“The WPU Honors Program has given me a chance to meet people I would not otherwise meet while challenging me to look at things in a new light.”
Ben Heacox '23
Pre-Law Major with a Minor in Business Administration | Baseball + Peer Mentor
“In my final year at Peace, I have the opportunity to be a TA for the first-year Honors class. This role doesn’t only challenge me to lead, but I’m also learning grant management, dialogue building, how to best work with students from different backgrounds, and how to collaborate with different organizations such as NC Campus Compact who awarded us with a grant that made it possible for us to host impactful and enlightening dialogues for our students.”
Jenica (Jeni) Myers ’21
Communications Major, Concentration in Public Relations, Minors in Anthropology and Marketing | Resident Assistant and Student Coordinator for Summer 2020
“The WPU Honors Program has allowed me to enhance my education through immersive learning with peers outside of my major. It has not only taught me valuable life lessons, but the Honors Program has shown me what it’s like to work and study with a highly diverse team all while expanding my knowledge.”
Chase Herndon ‘21
Biology Major | Resident Assistant & Orientation Leader
“I love how the Honors Program gives me the opportunity to take a deeper dive into interesting concepts and theories.”
Mackenzie Allison ’20
Psychology Major, Concentration in Research | Alpha Phi and Psi Chi
“My favorite thing about the Honors Program is that I’m surrounded by students who are motivated just like me. We all have different goals, but the thing we have in common is that we like to challenge ourselves. I am challenged far beyond my expectations and pushed out of my comfort zone in classes that promote hands-on learning, thinking outside of the box, and leadership.”
Stephanie Romero-Reyes '21
Criminal Justice Major | Admissions Ambassador + Peer Mentor
Heidi Gailor Loflin, WPU professor.
“The WPU honors program offers students the unique opportunity to learn from our faculty while working alongside them in their respective fields.”
Dr. Heidi Gailor
WPU Honors Program Coordinator

National Conference on Undergraduate Research (NCUR)

Many students within the Honors Program have the privilege to conduct research with faculty in their respective fields and present their work at regional and national conferences, such as the National Conference for Undergraduate Research (NCUR).

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The Honors Program at William Peace University invites students to participate in this prestigious program based on academic achievement. Confirm your commitment to participate.

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